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Enjoy your stitching in manageable installments - a minimum order of 20 and the ability to pay by Paypal is required

Is your order for fabric and threads over 20?
If so, we would like to offer you the option of paying by installments.
How it works:
1. Order your fabric and threads in the usual way - web or telephone indicating that you wish to pay by Paypal
2. Submit your order but do not complete the payment - you will receive an order acknowledgement by email
3. Reply to your order acknowledgement requesting Pay-as-You-Stitch
4. We will send you a Paypal invoice
5. Pay the proportion of the invoice you wish to pay (minimum of 10) - choose the threads you want to start your project
6. We despatch your fabric and your first threads up to the value you have paid
7. When you are ready, you pay the next portion of your invoice and choose your next colours
8. Repeat until complete!

If you want to discuss how this works or if you would prefer to pay in a different way, please call 0800 22 89 123 and ask for Jane

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M794 'CAT' Counted Cross Stitch Kit - 22.99
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K-177 Tender Peonies - 34.99
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